As I am familiar with the billiard sports for decades and as 
I dispose of a large pool of experience with championships 
and with the entire game operation, I took to heart the negative 
aspects of cleaning and maintaining the balls mechanically with 
the aim of improvement. My development differs completely 
from the conventional machines and is patent-protected.

After a long-term testing phase I can present an extensive 
assortment of cleaning and polishing machines for all types 
of Billiard, Karambol, Pool and Snooker. The ambience as 
well was integrated in my ideas resulting in an attractive 
furniture design. Hence every machine also enriches the 
billiard rooms.


The assortment of machines is available in different types of
wood. Special designs can be realised on request. A higher
quality of the housing material is reached by naturally grown
glue beech wood which characterises by a particularly fine

By modification and exchange of the screen all machine types
can be adapted to Karambol balls, Pool balls and Snooker balls.

The screen is available with three or four insertion fields for the
balls; in the double-box machines the screens are interchangeable.

The machines are designed in such a way that no polishing agents
are used inside the machines. Therefore cleaning of the machine is
not necessary. A gentle treatment of the billiard balls within a period
of a few seconds only is the result of this development.

Particular characteristics are the very low power consumption and
the very short cleaning cycle time.