Helmut Grosser born in 1938

Family status: married since 1962, three children (two sons, one daughter)



At the age of 6 years I joined the football club SV 09 Bergisch Gladbach.
At the age of 19 my football career was stopped by a fracture of the right kneecap.

The football club and the Bergisch Gladbach Billiard Club 1926 e.V. were domiciled
in the Sporthotel Klever; that was my first contact to the billiard sports. After having
overcome the kneecap misery, I joined the Karambol Billiard Club in 1961.

Approx. 2 years later I had reached the aim 1st Class and I played with this club for
more than 45 years with good success. Numerous championships could be won as
well as further place positions.

6 Federal Championships, 4 Vice-Championships and 7 Bronze Medals, as well as
positions four, five and six in various disciplines in single and team championships.

Nearly 30 years I acted as Athletic Director, Youth Director and Trainer.

Education to become a "Trainer F" 1982 was followed by the "Trainer Licence B".


After termination of my active time in 2006, I found more time for my second passion,
namely manual and technical designing.

One product resulting from my creativity is the assortment: Billiard Ball Cleaning
and Polishing Machines.